the retreat

Situated in the beautiful town Kuala Kubu Bharu, PulaiThree is tucked amidst a rainforest on a private hill.

Designed with an open-shed concept and a deep respect for the environment, the villa is fully immersed in natural beauty. Cozy and stylish, PulaiThree offers two bedrooms with a picturesque view of an emerald green forested mountain view beyond the beautiful town. Equipped with a pool, cool off and relieve yourself while being surrounded by a melange of green and blue...

Cooking is an option with a full kitchen and an outdoor barbeque area. When night falls, remind yourself of the sublime beauty of the night sky. An unparalleled experience; not accessible from urban areas.

Though only a stone’s throw away from Klang Valley, the tranquility and scenic surroundings make it feel like a world away. Be totally at peace as you’re surrounded by the panoramic view of greenery. Let fresh air fill your lungs and sun rays gently caress your face.

Take the break you deserve. Return home refreshed and rejuvenated with fresh perspectives and a renewed spring in your step.


free parking

swimming pool

barbeque tools


kitchen stove


mini oven


booking rates

Sunday - Thursday

Friday & Saturday

Public & Festive Holiday
RM1,180 - RM1,280/night*

*Listed Rate accomodates 7 pax only

Extra Pax
Extra pax above 7, RM90/pax/night (max 2 pax)

Full Refund if cancel no less than 7 days prior to arrival

  • Read Terms & House Rules
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    walkway to house




    swimming pool

    swimming pool

    scenic view



    living room

    bedroom1 (1 queen, 2 single)

    bedroom2 (3 single)

    bedroom view

    BBQ area

    BBQ area

    scenic view



    discover the most scenic neighbourhood

    the town

    Kuala Kubu Bharu.
    A scenic town with rich history.

    Kuala Kubu Bharu, known as KKB, is a town in Selangor. Being one of its kind, the beautiful humble town carries its own unique vibe from the warm people who live there, the enriching historical tales it had witnessed, colorful quaint shophouses on the streets and breathtaking natural surroundings. Take a look at the beautiful town here.

    KKB Map

    terms and houserules

    Full Refund if cancel no less than 7 days prior to arrival

    Kindly assist us by adhering to the following house rules:

    1. The villa accommodate 7 pax only.
    2. Strictly no day-tripper or visitor during stay unless pre arrange with owner.
    3. No excessive noise or music. Please be mindful of the neighbours.
    4. We limit the number of cars entering to 3 cars.

    • As this is a private residential neighbourhood, please observe common ethics - i.e. park your car(s) responsibly by the road shoulder.
    • Please ensure that you take all your belongings with you after your stay. The management will not be held responsible for your misplaced items.
    • Please keep toddlers and infants within sight at all times, especially when they are near balconies, windows and stair.
    • Please don't wear shoes in the house.
    • Please DO NOT use the towels and blankets as a floor mat, as table cloth, cleaning utensils etc. The towel is only for the body and the blanket is to keep you warm.
    • Please do not take furniture, utensils out of the house.
    • Kindly dispose of your rubbish responsibly - put it in the bin provided and SHUT TIGHT. As the house is nearby a forest, it may attract insects and monkeys if the rubbish, food and leftover are exposed or not kept properly.
    • Kindly place everything in the house where you find it before leaving.
    • Please keep the house reasonably clean and orderly before leaving.